What are the advantages of I-beam?
Time : 2023-05-19
What are the advantages of I-beam?

I-beam is an economical section steel with better mechanical properties, and its characteristics are as follows:

Wide flange and high lateral stiffness. Strong bending resistance.

The two surfaces of the flange are parallel to each other, making it easy to connect, process, and install.

Compared with general section steel, it has low cost, high accuracy, low residual stress, no need for expensive welding materials and weld seam testing, and saves about 30% of steel structure production costs.

Under the same cross-sectional load, the weight of hot-rolled H-steel structure is reduced by 15% -20% compared to traditional structures.

Compared with concrete structures, I-shaped steel structures can increase their usage area by 6%, while reducing their self weight by 20-30%, reducing the internal force of structural design.

I-beams can be processed into T-beams, and honeycomb beams can be combined to form various cross-sectional forms, greatly meeting the needs of engineering design and production.