Specifications and dimensions of channel steel
Time : 2023-08-23
Specifications and dimensions of channel steel

Channel steel is a kind of groove shaped strip steel, mainly used in building structure, curtain wall, machinery industry and so on. 

Channel steel specifications can be divided into many kinds, and different specifications have different functions.

What are the dimensions of the channel steel specifications?

The smaller channel steel size is 5# channel steel, and the commonly used specifications are 50mm*50 mm* 3 mm, 

50mm*50 mm* 4 mm, 50mm*50 * mm*5 mm, 50mm*50 mm* 6mm.Where 50*50 is the right Angle number, the last digit is the

thickness number. In terms of weight, the section area is 6.93 cm, the theoretical weight is 5.44 kg/m, and the weight of the

No. 5 channel steel is 5.438 kg/m.The national standard hot-rolled channel steel specifications  are160 mm wide, and there are

two kinds of height: 63 mm and 65 mm respectively.